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Achieve a better digital performance.

Many different consultants also mean long decision-making paths. Save time and money, rely on my ultra-broad knowledge.

Set your course by distant stars and not by the lamps of other ships.

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Are there shortcuts to the goal for your business?

No Bullshit: I love effectiveness, speed and long term planning and will get you and your business on track.

The longer you wait, the more time you lose. Contact me now if you want to know more.

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Connect WooCommerce with WISO MyOffice or deltra orgaMAX.


Export & import items, manage stock levels and prices, import orders... and save a lot of time.
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Double Opt In Addon

For Gravity Forms, the best form plugin for WordPress.

Double Opt In Addon

Extend Gravity Forms with the powerful double opt in feature to require users to verify their email address. DSGVO-ready.
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Meminto Stories

Your life is making history with this wizard.

Meminto Stories

A smart assistant that reminds you or your loved ones of stages in life and produces a printed book of written stories.
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The emergency kit for WordPress and your own life.


Highly secure data safe with dead man switch for managing your digital estate as a WordPress plugin.
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What do other customers?


After several years of direct cooperation, we are convinced of Albert Brückmann's abilities and appreciate his support very much.
Michael Peetz
Lidl Foundation GmbH & Co. KG

As a large Christian media house, we need the support of an experienced team in the field of web development and online marketing. Albert Brückmann brings all the skills and is our preferred partner in the web area.
Christian Caspari
Heukelbach Foundation Missionary Work

With his remarkable expertise and direct implementation, Albert Brückmann has helped us achieve 1500% more monthly online sales in eight months.
Birgit Lantzberg


74821 Mosbach, Wasemweg 5 (ideas workshop)
+49 6261 84 69 722
mail [at]
Very flexible - but generally between 10am and 5pm on weekdays.