CEO Meminto GmbH & Online Marketing Consultant

Albert Brückmann


2017 - Today

CEO Meminto GmbH

With Meminto Stories, we capture memoirs and life stories of people around the world who would otherwise be forgotten.

Through our digital assistant, we inspire people to remember specific events from their lives thanks to targeted questions, and record them with videos or pictures, similar to a photo book. Our artificial intelligence helps to write beautiful stories and not to forget anything. Try it out here for free.

2019 - Today

Management & Sales EmergencyWP

EmergencyWP is a WordPress-based digital safe with 256-AES encryption and a life-check mechanism that can determine if someone is still okay. The process is secured by at least three trusted persons of the user, who can give feedback in case of doubt, so that no sensitive information is sent too early to pre-planned contacts. Perfect for future mails and secure data transmission in case of an accident or even death.

2015 - 2018

Foundation & Management SpeakStaff

With the audio startup SpeakStaff, bloggers and authors get the opportunity to have long-lasting short texts set to music and thus increase their reach.

In 2016 SpeakStaff received the rating "new and noteworthy" and dominated the iTunes podcast rankings for months.

2011 - Today

Management zä

The target group of the SEO and online marketing agency are mainly small and medium-sized regional companies that want to achieve more visibility for higher sales. 

The creation of information-driven websites, online shops and apps is also one of the agency's tasks.

2002 - 2016

Management PCproblem-free

Even before graduating from high school, at the age of 17, the computer service PCproblemlos was founded. Problems with Windows PCs and Apple Macs in the private and business environment were a thing of the past.

In favor of the SEO agency zä and other scalable projects, PCproblemlos was closed in 2016.

Education & More


Appearance on "The Lion's Den

On "Die Höhle der Löwen," I was able to present my startup to 1.67 million viewers on TV. Even though there was no deal, the response and feedback was very good.


Meminto StoriesPodcast Project

Podcasts with people from next door who tell a concise story from life.

2017 - 2018

Lecturer DHBW, Digital Banking

At the DHBW Mosbach, I worked with students who are completing dual studies in cooperation with companies. Topics in the area of information technology and online business models were covered.

2006 - 2009 [at Lidl until 2011]

Degree B.A. Online Media

With the Lidl Stiftung GmbH & Co. KG as dual study partner. 

Here, the entire business area of the discounter was practically gone through in three years. From 2009 to 2011, Junior Cosultant in the Internet International division.

Tasks: Project management online and training of the company's European staff.


As a Christian entrepreneur, it is important to me that my work makes a positive difference to people in the long term. That's why I'm increasingly involved with Christian relief organizations to support them in their goals.

As a "digital native", I am interested in all new developments from the digital world, which I help to shape every day.

In the "real world" I am blessed with a great family, married and father of three children.

My passions include music, distant travel and working with young people. In doing so, I have made it my mission to impart lasting values.


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