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OfficeConnector: Connect store & office system

OfficeConnector stands for interfaces between store systems and office software . It supports WooCommerce on the one hand, and WISO MeinBüro (desktop / web) and deltra orgaMAX (desktop & online) on the other.

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Customer reviews & experiences about Albert Brückmann, zä Show more info.

WordPress rights managementWP Admin User Role

So that your customers have freedom without destroying anything. 

With WP Admin User Role, you can create a new role within 60 seconds that sits between an administrator and an editor: the admin. You can assign them rights to the menu, plugins, themes and much more. This gives them the freedom to change many things themselves without negatively affecting your work on the website.

Gravity Forms: No. 1 Double Opt In Addon

The best-selling double opt-in add-on for Gravity Forms. 

Gravity Forms for WordPress makes it easy to create even highly complex HTML forms. My add-on enables this form builder to be extended to include email verification. This prevents spam and enables GDPR-compliant delivery of messages. By connecting further add-ons, process chains can be enabled that only come into effect after confirmation by the sender of a form.

Meminto Stories: Remember & write down

With Meminto Stories, everyone becomes the author of their own book. Meminto Stories is a multilingual, smart assistant that uses individually selected questions to help you record life stories and produce them as a book.

Founded in 2012, launched as a GmbH in 2017, entered the startup accelerator CyberLab in 2019, appeared on "Die Höhle der Löwen" in 2022.

EmergencyWP: Emergency tool for WordPress

The innovative yet simple emergency planner with integrated, highly secure 256 AES encryption safe and dead man's switch. Prepare for emergencies and plan passwords, instructions, last messages or processes directly from your own WordPress instance.

With active support from trusted persons and API connection to over 1500 systems via Zapier.