Official API for store system and merchandise management

deltra orgaMAX interface to WooCommerce

Save time and effort,this interface does the work. Almost as if by itself.

What tasks does the interface perform?

Transfer of new orders from WooCommerce

Export and import of articles from and to WooCommerce

Updating prices from orgaMAX to WooCommerce

Updating stock levels

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Choose the suitable license

This applies to both:

Monthly billing


excl. VAT
Excluding 19% tax

Annual billing


excl. VAT (converted per month)
Excluding 19% tax

Our telephone set-up service

We make sure that the synchronization between orgaMAX and WooCommerce runs properly. We proceed in the following steps:

  1. Installation of the interface in the WooCommerce store via a temporary admin account
  2. Setting up the interface options individually for the customer
  3. Setting up the connection in deltra orgaMAX with the WooCommerce store (via AnyDesk)
  4. Configuration of the interface in orgaMAX
  5. Carry out a test order and synchronize the import

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Susanne Vogt
Susanne Vogt
August 4, 2021.
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Thank you. Everything worked great
ikutech e.K.
ikutech e.K.
July 23, 2021.
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Mr. Brückmann was able to solve the problem competently and beyond his actual task. We are very satisfied with the service/support provided by Mr. Brückmann and are happy to recommend him to others. 5 stars
Thomas Marx
Thomas Marx
April 29, 2021.
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You are almost flashed by the clarity and conviction with which Mr. Brückmann personally supports you on the phone. One call, boss on the phone, after 5 minutes everything was solved and explained. Thank you very much.
Joachim Diekhoff
Joachim Diekhoff
April 21, 2021.
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Very good service, I can only recommend it
Cristian Iconomu
Cristian Iconomu
April 12, 2021.
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No wonder Albert and his team have only 5 stars reviews. The level of professionalism and fast response, combined with the usefulness of the work they do makes them one of the rare providers of software that is worth paying for. Thanks Albert, keep up the good work 🙂
Christian Michelbach
Christian Michelbach
March 31, 2021.
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Very quick response and extremely competent solution. Thank you very much!
Michael Wallenta
Michael Wallenta
March 29, 2021.
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I received a prompt response to my support request. They offered targeted and professional assistance in using the API interface offered for WISO MeinBüro! I am completely satisfied! Thank you very much!
BotCake Chatbots
BotCake Chatbots
March 25, 2021.
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Excellent support, questions resolved promptly. Thank you Albert and team! UPDATE: Very glad to have found their Gravity Forms Double Opt-in Addon! It has put a complete stop to spammed form entries. When I asked support about a functionality of the Addon, they said it was in the works for the next release. A couple of days later they served me with a beta that included that desired functionality. And it works to perfection! I've never been this impressed by customer service with any software provider. The service provided by Albert & John was truly extraordinary. I thought customer service was dead on the internet and it might be, but these gentlemen are the exception. Thanks guys, you're amazing!
Stefan Gehrhardt
Stefan Gehrhardt
March 9, 2021.
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Mr. Brückemann and his company are highly recommended! Finally a competent, friendly support who knows what he is talking about!

The written form is not required to terminate an existing license.

The license can be terminated independently via the account

The license is terminated there by clicking "Cancel"under "Subscriptions". 

If your payment option was PayPal, you should still receive an email from PayPal that the subscription has been canceled.

Please note that the functionality of your plugin may be impaired if your license is not active.

In 99% of cases, this is the shipping item. Right-click on the "unknown" item in the order details and assign it once to one of your shipping items. In future, the shipping price that the customer has seen and paid in their WooCommerce order will always be applied. You can find more detailed instructions here.

If payment methods such as PayPal or similar are not transferred correctly, please check whether they have been created in orgaMAX with exactly the same wording as you find them in the WooCommerce settings under "Payment". Transfer the title of the payment option to MyOffice in exactly the same way (in the small master data - payment options).

Yes, the order status can be changed to a different status via the interface after the order has been collected.


No, the invoice is not transferred back to the store by our interface. Our customers usually send them printed out in the package. A summary of the order, which can also serve as an invoice, is already sent by WooCommerce via email. Some of our customers use the "German Market" or "Germanized" plugin to create the PDF directly in the order process and send it to the customer in the order confirmation email.

The stock level is updated when you import orders. However, this is calculated via orgaMAX, i.e. the current stock is not transmitted and then updated, but MeinBüro subtracts the items from the existing stock in its own inventory. However, you can update the store the other way round by entering the correct figure in MyOffice and then sending this figure to the store via the webshop update menu.

orgaMAX currently supports the export of title, text, price and stock. When exporting products, they are set to "Draft" in the store and are not immediately visible in the frontend so that they can still be edited.

Image transfers are currently not supported by orgaMAX, which also makes little sense in WooCommerce, because: The template of your online store works with individual image sizes. These are only calculated by a regular upload in WordPress and saved in the different variants. This means that manual reworking is necessary to achieve the best quality of product display.

For the first synchronization or export of articles, at least one (1) article with article number must be created in WooCommerce, because orgaMAX first compares both data masters. If there are no articles, an error is displayed.

Yes, this is possible if the staging website runs on one of the following URLs:

  • localhost
  • *.dev
  • .*local
  • dev.*
  • staging.*
  • staging-*.
  • *.test.
  • *

This is possible either via Germanized for WooCommerce or Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce. You can find the exact instructions here.

⚠️ Before you start: All items (or variable products) in your WooCommerce store must contain a unique item number. At the same time, this article number must match the webshop ID of the articles in your orgaMAX. Otherwise it will not be possible to process the orders after retrieval.

In order for orders to be synchronized between deltra orgaMAX and WooCommerce, the plugin must be set up under WordPress and the connection between orgaMAX and WP must be established in the e-commerce settings.

  1. Install the orgaMAX plugin in your WordPress installation in the usual way and enter the License key to gain access to the interface information that you can then use to set up orgaMAX:

2 After activating the license, you will have access to the settings. You can now carry out the configuration.

3. select which orders are to be imported (example):

4. now call up the e-commerce settings in orgaMAX:

Please enter the path that you have been shown in WordPress and save the settings. Now you can try an order retrieval via Sales > E-Commerce orders or transfer articles to the webshop. Please be sure to watch our video at the top of this page for all further information on using the interface! ℹ️ Detailed instructions can also be found on the orgaMAX website. Click here to be redirected!
20.06.2024, Version 4.1.9
  • Adjustment to payment by direct debit payments for Germanized
31.05.2024, Version 4.1.8
  • Corrections for division by 0 (if items are offered free of charge)
28.05.2024, version 4.1.7
  • Corrections in the output of discount amounts between 0 and 1 euro and the corresponding tax amounts
14.05.2024, Version 4.1.6
  • Corrections for the transfer of mixed tax rates and the associated shipping calculations
06.05.2024, Version 4.1.5
  • Adaptation of core files to specific server environments
30.04.2024, Version 4.1.4
  • Update of the core files
23.04.2024, Version 4.1.3
  • Orders without products are ignored during import
13.03.2024, Version 4.1.2
  • Adjustment from 3 to 4 decimal places
  • Incompatible ASCII characters have been removed
01.02.2024, Version 4.1.1
  • Corrections in the output of discount amounts between 0 and 1 euro and the corresponding tax amounts
01.12.2023, Version 4.1.0
  • NEW: Add VAT rate for items where the price is 0
  • FIX: Update bug fixed
17.11.2023, Version 4.0.0
  • NEW: Official HPOS support
  • NEW: New marking procedure for orders that have already been collected. This is indicated in each order by a green tick and a time stamp. In addition, the import status is displayed in the order overview
  • NEW: Support for further target sales countries
  • NEW: Direct link to the settings from the plugin overview
  • NEW: HPOS information on the settings page for a better overview of whether activated
14.11.2023, Version 3.9.6
  • Fix: HPOS-compliant transfer of gross totals, payment method and other information
  • New: New method for marking orders that have already been collected. There is now a new setting within each order that shows the status and time of collection.
13.11.2023, Version 3.9.5
  • FIX: HPOS synchronize the country code
13.11.2023, Version 3.9.4
  • FIX: Corrections in the treatment of taxes with a value of 0
13.11.2023, Version 3.9.3
  • NEW: New selection under \"Orders\": You can now choose whether voucher values should be displayed directly offset against the product price (as in WooCommerce) or as a separate line on the invoice
  • FIX: Corrections in the handling of vouchers with a value of 0
11.11.2023, Version 3.9.2
  • Fix: Update HPOS order status after synchronization.
  • Fix: HPOS customer information
07.11.2023, Version 3.9.1
  • Add: HPOS support -
09.08.2023, Version
  • Fix: Corrections when creating the interface folders
03.08.2023, Version 3.8.3
  • Add: Small improvements for article import
31.05.2023, Version
  • Fix: Bugfix for orders with shipping with multiple VAT rates
11.05.2023, Version
  • Fix: Calculation of VAT on shipping if WooCommerce information is missing
05.05.2023, Version
  • FIX: Fix: Version correction for correct update
03.05.2023, Version
  • FIX: Corrections in the calculation and rounding of VAT for very small product prices
15.04.2023, Version 3.8.2
  • FIX: When importing articles, the Post_ID was transferred instead of the article description
03.03.2023, Version 3.8.1
  • - NEW: Preparation for a hook that can be used to transfer additional elements from the order via the description text during order import (for display in the respective order item)
  • - NEW: Support for WooCommerce coupons - transfer to the surcharge costs net field 1
20.10.2022, Version 3.8.0
  • NEW: Shipping e-mail address and shipping phone number are now also sent with the order
  • NEW: Transfer of deposit values that are saved in WooCommerce as a \"fee\"
  • FIX: Error corrections for variant products
09.08.2022, Version 3.7.9
  • NEW: Reading of the EU VAT ID and transfer with the retrieval of the orders in the customer file (only if MarketPress is installed and active)
  • FIX: Change the default salutation - if nothing is selected, it remains empty (only available with Germanized or Marketpress)
22.07.2022, Version 3.7.8
  • FIX: Correction to the error message in orgaMAX/MeinBüro if there is no connection to the license server or the license has expired
  • FIX: Max. Date for the query can now also remain empty
  • FIX: When exporting articles, values are now added to the columns post_modified and post_modified_gmt to be compatible with the SQL option NO_ZERO_DATE
  • CHANGE: Moving a VAT option to the option to the \"Taxes\" tab
16.05.2022, Version 3.7.7
  • Correction: When synchronizing prices, offer prices are now removed because they are no longer up-to-date
  • Corrections to the shipping costs for mixed shopping baskets: An option in the settings can now be used to adjust whether shipping costs should be mixed or calculated according to the highest VAT rate
  • New setting with which a different VAT can generally be sent. This is sometimes necessary, especially in cross-border areas, if the internal tax rate is different from the foreign tax rate. Only activate if necessary!
  • Add a log for each action that originates from orgaMAX, which can be activated in the advanced settings
04.04.2022, Version 3.7.6
  • NEW: Added support for split shipping taxes when using Germanized. In this case, the shipping costs are transferred as a double item and carry both the normal and the reduced tax rate.
  • FIX: Correction for articles with 0% VAT. Record. Change of output format from float to string
21.02.2022, Version 3.7.5
  • CORRECTION: Free items are exported with the tax rate of the product (previously free items were exported with 0% tax rate, which led to posting problems with incorrect accounts)
  • NEW: Option to activate and deactivate the transfer of the order number to the individual field. Default = Activated.
13.01.2022, Version 3.7.4
  • Fix: Support for \"WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers PRO\"
10.01.2022, Version 3.7.3
  • NEW: Compatibility with \"Germanized for WooCommerce\" plugin
06.01.2022, Version 3.7.2
  • NEW: Add compatibility and settings with \"WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers PRO\"
04.01.2022, Version 3.7.1
  • NEW: Add compatibility and settings with \"WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers\"
08.12.2021, version 3.7.0
  • - FIX: Optimization of SQL queries for order retrieval: The process could become very slow, especially with numerous orders. Due to the optimization, queries were bundled beforehand
26.11.2021, version 3.6.2
  • - FIX: Optimization of database queries
15.10.2021, version 3.6.1
  • - FIX: Annotations were not transferred as product titles when exporting to WooCommerce
  • - NEW: Integration of two hooks that can be executed after import: after_product_import_to_shop (runs after each imported product) and after_products_import_to_shop (runs once after all products have been imported)n
11.10.2021, version 3.6.0
  • - FIX: Correction of stock updates for variant products
09.08.2021, version 3.5.2
  • - FIX: Optimization of database queries
12.07.2021, version 3.5.1
  • - FIX: Correction output format with thousands separator
01.07.2021, Version 3.5
  • - New: Optimizing the database query
  • - New: Compatibility with \"WooCommerce TM Extra Product Options\"
14.04.2021, Version 3.4
  • New: Ensuring functionality with an active license
30.03.2021, version 3.3.8
  • Fix: Replace country codes in orders for correct display on the invoice
  • Fix: Creation of a new hook for extended compatibility with the WPML add-on
19.03.2021, version 3.3.7
  • Fix: Resolution of problems where orders could not be processed further
  • Fix: Compatibility of shipping tax calculation with various plugins
  • New: You can now decide whether the shipping costs text should be taken from the WooCommerce order or from the WaWi system. The new \"Shipping\" tab has been added to the settings for this purpose
02.03.2021, version 3.3.6
  • NEW: Compatibility with 3rd party plugin B2Bking and fee handling (fees). For certain customer groups, VAT is not shown at the position, but only at the end. With this update, the VAT is also transferred.
10.02.2021, version 3.3.5
  • FIX: Corrections for orders to third countries without VAT
  • Optimization of a request function with which price updates now run faster
  • UPDATE: Order status is now updated via WordPress hooks, enables execution of further WordPress-based processes
  • NEW: Transmission of the order number in individual field 1 of the order
26.01.2021, version 3.3.4
  • FIX: Recognition of the correct tax rates for variations
  • FIX: Compatibility with encrypted Germanized strings increased
  • FIX: Orders in the recycle bin are not transferred during an order import
12.01.2021, version 3.3.3
  • - Optimization: Increase the MySQL server string concatenation length (group_concat_max_len) to be able to receive content after longer description texts
07.01.2021, version 3.3.2
  • Fix: Optimization of the synchronization process, now more than 700 products can be adjusted in stock in one run
14.12.2020, Version 3.3.1
  • FIX: Check for Germanized improved
  • FIX: Folder names corrected
08.12.2020, Version 3.3.0
  • NEW: Comparison of item description and short description via selectable fields. Item description and notes are available.
  • FIX: Corrected transfers of net & gross prices
19.10.2020, Version 3.2.0
  • NEW: Comparison of article description via individual fields
  • NEW: Preparation for compatibility with WPML via an add-on
  • FIX: Wording in the article import area
01.10.2020, Version 3.1.1
  • FIX: Variation price including / excluding taxes
29.09.2020, Version 3.1.0
  • FIX: Correction of the display for stock in the article overview
  • FIX: Display of the date selector for order imports under Safari corrected
  • Fix: Corrections in the transfer of prices and quantities of variants (variable products in WooCommerce)
23.09.2020, version 3.0.3
  • FIX: If an order does not receive any items, the script no longer aborts (\"There are no new orders available\"), but jumps to the next order and imports it.
16.09.2020, version 3.0.2
  • Fix: Corrections in the saving process. Changes to the settings are now applied to all tabs
25.08.2020, version 3.0.1
  • Fix: Corrections in the saving process. Changes to the settings are now applied to all tabs
12.08.2020, Version 3.0.0
  • Complete redesign of the user interface. Elements are now structured in tabs
  • Introduction of synchronization of individual fields
  • Synchronization of 5 individual article fields via WooCommerce attributes
  • Set-up service: With this service, you receive all-round carefree treatment from us and can use the interface within a very short time.
  • WPML - Add-on: If you use a multilingual online store and want to synchronize articles in certain languages, use this add-on.

This list is not exhaustive, as some problems only occur in practice. These are limitations in orgaMAX, not in our interface.

  • Product images cannot be transferred because WordPress runs through certain processes during upload, e.g. to create several different image sizes. This must be done manually
  • When importing articles from WooCommerce to orgaMAX, everything that is transferred to the "Notes" field is cut off by orgaMAX after 255 characters.
  • When importing articles from WooCommerce to orgaMAX, everything that is transferred to the "Article text" field is cut off by orgaMAX after 1024 characters.
  • If a voucher is declared as a value voucher, orgaMAX will treat the VAT incorrectly. Although the final amount on the invoice is correct, the VAT is not calculated correctly.
  • A maximum of 5 individual fields can be matched in both directions
  • Fields that do not exist in orgaMAX must be maintained manually in WooCommerce (e.g. categories, keywords, etc.)
  • As orgaMAX does not offer variant support, no product of the type "Variable product" can be exported from orgaMAX. A comparison is still possible if the variant product is first created in WooCommerce and then imported to orgaMAX (but not the other way around). In any case, each individual variant must have its own SKU (article number) that matches the webshop ID in MyOffice. The "parent product" in WooCommerce must NOT have an article number, it only serves as a container for the individual variants.
  • Attention IONOS customersAt IONOS, WordPress installations can be installed as "Managed" or "Standard". According to customer reports, the "Managed" version seems to cause problems when saving the settings. Please contact your IONOS support or switch the installation to "Standard".

Individual fields

The following function can be used to access or change the data of individual fields:

function change_me_function_name( $individualFields, $productSku, $productId ) {
// (maybe) modify $individualFields array.
return $individualFields;
add_filter( 'wiso_product_individual_fields', 'change_me_function_name', 10, 3 );