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Review of Workshop on Blockchain & Bitcoin

On 28.12.2017, the first themed evening on Bitcoin & Blockchain took place at the Ideenwerkstatt in Mosbach. I had invited Nicolai Lenz, who has gained his experience mainly in the Bitcoin mining sector, as the second speaker.

I was particularly pleased that everything was filled to capacity. The topic was well received, which is in the nature of things: The blockchain is currently slowly but surely changing not only the financial market, but also many other areas of our everyday lives.

The visitors participated lively with questions and supplementary answers, which gave the evening a very relaxed flow. Several pages could be filled with information. Especially when I explained in a simplified way on the flipboard how exactly the blockchain works, what the problems of double spending are and how miners solve these problems, many participants experienced their "aha" moment.

Due to high demand, we will repeat the seminar again on 11/01/2018 at 7:30pm. 

Tickets to this event can be purchased atthis address for under 20€.

Participants will receive the evening's presentation via email after 11/01.

Albert Brückmann

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