With Meminto Stories in the ElevatorPitch at startupBW

3 minutes of high voltage to bring your idea to the point. No multimedia aids are allowed. A fully occupied hall adds another little boost to the adrenaline level: This is the Elevator Pitch of startupBW. Further down in the text you will also find the jury's detailed evaluation sheet.

A few pictorial impressions

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With the most votes nationwide in the project evaluation from friends & family, I was able to secure the last (not necessarily most coveted) starting spot in the pitch. But with that, expectations - and stage fright - rose.

Before the pitch, I had the chance to meet the other teams and talk to the guys & gals. Among the participants who made it to the Elevator Pitch on 17.05.2018, there were some really great things - best you see them for yourself:

Watch all pitches on Youtube

startupBW filmed all pitches and makes them available on the Youtube channel.
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The pitch and the jury evaluation

Now we started with the version of Meminto that was changed at the Prelab in Karlsruhe.
(You can see the previously practiced text below the video).


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Hi, my name is Albert Brückmann - and with Meminto Stories we take care of people's life stories and emotional legacy.

When my grandma died three years ago, she left her story to our family on many loose pieces of paper. Handwritten, hard to read and not structured coherently. Until today, no one could bring themselves to put everything into an orderly form.

With Meminto Stories I want to change that - not only for grandmas and grandpas. We make it possible for everyone to create their own life story interactively as an exciting and lively book. How does it work?

  • We have developed a questionnaire with over 500 questions covering many life situations.
  • Every week, we send our customers one or two questions about their lives via email or our app, such as.
  • "How did you meet Grandpa? Was it love at first sight?"
  • You can now either answer these questions in writing and attach pictures to the report - or use your smartphone and record the story via video
  • At the end we print a lovingly designed, individual book from it
  • And now the highlight: Via our app we bring the book to life, which means: The video is played directly from the book! A demonstration is available at the stand!

Compared to other products, Meminto Stories has the further advantage that the whole family can participate in the process. As an expression of my appreciation, I could ask my grandma personal questions myself, which she then answers. This way, Grandma knows that I am genuinely interested in her and her life. This increases the motivation to really finish the book!

According to a study from Christmas last year, the most popular gifts are still gift certificates and books!
That's why Meminto Stories is perfect as a personal gift.

The market volume is around 36 million euros, and the target group is people aged 50 and over.
Three possible variants will be sold initially via the company's own online shop, and later possibly also stationary.

I am looking for partners with vision and know-how in the digital field who would like to support me in the early stages. Of course, I am also happy about investors who represent the values of Meminto and help to make dear people unforgettable.

Thanks a lot!

After the pitch, the jury retired. It took time - then the winners of the evening were determined. The decision was made on the one hand from audience votes, but on the other hand mainly from the jury's criteria. If you want to know how the jury evaluated my pitch in detail, you can see it here. It is interesting to see that jurors 3 and 5 differed significantly from the other jurors in their evaluations.

With 7.8 points, I ended up in 4th place, and if you think I'm completely satisfied with that, you're wrong. In fact, I was quite disappointed, but of course I fully begrudged the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. And yet, I couldn't quite understand the jury's decision. Fortunately, a member of the jury came to me at the end and told me what had gone on behind the scenes. He said:

"You have unfortunately aroused negative feelings in some people with your pitch. The subject of death and all that. Maybe you'll take a different approach next time."

Of course, this is wonderful constructive criticism and I can adjust my pitch immediately and without any problems - but the core topic was about the emotional legacy, i.e. things that people leave behind when they die. I have to admit that I found it a bit questionable to judge this as "negative".

On the other hand, one could also raise the objection against the jury's decision of 1st place that a project that revolves around the Third World and people in need of help automatically arouses positive feelings and therefore already in essence earns plus points with the jury. Here I saw a little bit of neutrality problems with the jury.

Perhaps the jury should simply be given an imaginary 100,000 euros before the pitches, which they could then bet on the teams - taking into account total loss - as if it were their personal stake. Would the outcome be the same if you were personally affected by a success or failure? Would one then decide differently? Or even take the 100,000 euros home again?

(c) Photos & Videos: startupBW

The teams & pitches on place 1, 2 and 3

Congratulations in any case to advance.football who came in third (and took home 200 Euros), Mission Nutrition in second place (with 300 Euros) and Lilli from Aquaeduct in first place (500 Euros AND a place in the national finals).

And these are the winning pitches:


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3: Advance.Football

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2: Mission Nutrition

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1: Aquaeduct

The best-placed teams from all over Baden-Württemberg will now compete against each other in the state finals. Among other things, 5000 euros in prize money will be at stake.

My conclusion

For the startupBW Elevator Pitch I prepared early, worked out a lot of details, printed the list of questions on small pieces of paper, packed them as lovingly as possible in envelopes, made a gift box, still screwed on the website until 3 am and 5 hours before the pitch I had flyers printed, planned the entire booth and in the end of course hoped for nothing less than first place.

Sometimes you just have to be patient. And perseverance. And I think I have that, even if the people around me often just sigh when I talk about Meminto again. But one saying that came up during the pitch stuck in my mind:

Fortune favours the brave!

Albert Brückmann

CEO of Meminto GmbH, Freelance Web Consultant and Online Marketer for zählpixel.com I'm 100% geek and digital native, husband and father of three boys in the single digits. When I'm not working on projects, I'm a speaker at conferences and seminars. As a lecturer at the DHBW Mosbach and as a passionate member of a youth group, I like to surround myself with young people. My motto? "Work hard, stay humble." LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook

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