Achieve a better digital performance.

Many different consultants also mean long decision-making paths. Save time and money, rely on my ultra-broad knowledge.

Are there shortcuts to the goal for your business?

No Bullshit: I love effectiveness, speed and long term planning and will get you and your business on track.

The longer you wait, the more time you lose. Contact me now if you want to know more.

Products & Projects

Take a look at what I do, and what products and experiences I might be able to help you get more out of your business.

Consulting & Digital Marketing

I help you to achieve a better performance with your online business. You can rely on the following know-how and learn from my mistakes and successes:

  • Active in web development since 2005 (WordPress and others)
  • Since 2012 in the Google business with the SEO agency Zä (visibility optimizations)
  • Since 2015, intensive digital and social media marketing (Google Ads, Facebook & Instagram, TikTok Ads).
  • Strong network of freelancers from all media sectors
  • Support of numerous well-known customers and their projects (see reviews)

Use my learnings first on own products and services - not first on the customer!

OfficeConnector: Connect shop & office system

OfficeConnector stands for interfaces between shop systems and office software . On the one hand WooCommerce and Shopify and on the other hand Buhl Data WISO Mein Büro and deltra orgaMAX are supported.

There is a distinction between the desktop and cloud version of both office programs. What do you want to connect?

Gravity Forms Double Opt in Add-On

The best selling double opt-in addon for Gravity Forms. 

Gravity Forms for WordPress makes it easy to create even highly complex HTML forms. My add-on allows an extension of this form builder with an email verification. This prevents spam and enables a DSGVO-compliant delivery of messages. By connecting further add-ons, process chains can be enabled that only take effect after confirmation by the sender of a form.

Founder of Meminto GmbH

With Meminto Stories, everyone becomes the author of their own book. Meminto Stories is a multilingual, smart assistant that helps to record life stories through individually selected questions and produce them as a book.

Founded in 2012, launched as a limited liability company in 2017, moved into the Startup Accelerator CyberLab in 2019.

EmergencyWP - the WordPress emergency tool

The innovative yet simple emergency planner with integrated, highly secure 256 AES encryption safe and dead man switch. Prepare for emergencies and schedule passwords, instructions, last messages or processes directly from your own WordPress instance.

With active trusted party support and API connectivity to over 1500 systems via Zapier.

Management of the SEO agency Zä

Tracking pixels have become increasingly important in the past. We analyse success in the field of online and e-commerce. The SEO agency Zä is especially strong for small and medium-sized companies that want to be found better.

With sophisticated visibility strategies, good content and continuous backlink building, we help our clients to occupy the top ranks on Google and other search engines.

Startup Mentoring

As a multiple founder and CyberLab alumni, I know what matters and with whom from my network I have to connect you so that you can achieve success faster. In the Karlsruhe Startup Hightech Accelerator (CyberForum e.V.), I lived - and still live - grassroots work. Coupled with my know-how in startup leadership, online marketing and scaling processes, I guide you and your team from level to level.

From day 1

You and your team have an idea and don't know if it has potential? We look at the market together, check demand and ask a few questions before we get started. But we don't get tangled up in doubts. The goal is initial testing.

Online & Offline

No matter where you and your team are: I can get you on track and ready for next steps onsite or via a Zoom Call. Together we develop an MVP, optimize your visibility and online campaigns.

Process scaling

No matter where you and your team are: I can get you on track and ready for next steps onsite or via a Zoom Call. Together we develop an MVP, optimize your visibility and online campaigns.


You need contacts & multipliers. Over the years I have built a network of business angels, investors, mentors and other freelancers worldwide who will be valuable to you on your journey. My network is your profit!

What do other customers?


After several years of direct cooperation, we are convinced of Albert Brückmann's abilities and appreciate his support very much.
Michael Peetz
Lidl Foundation GmbH & Co. KG

As a large Christian media house, we need the support of an experienced team in the field of web development and online marketing. Albert Brückmann brings all the skills and is our preferred partner in the web area.
Christian Caspari
Heukelbach Foundation Missionary Work

With his remarkable expertise and direct implementation, Albert Brückmann has helped us achieve 1500% more monthly online sales in eight months.
Birgit Lantzberg


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+49 6261 84 69 722 (sales only, no support)
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