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Google users? It's time for a backup again!

I've gotten into the habit of exporting my Google data like emails, contacts and calendar entries once a year just in case, so I have a backup at home. Between Christmas and New Year's Eve, that's when it usually happens. In the following, I will briefly show you which simple steps are necessary.

The individual steps for backing up Gmail and other Google data

Basically, it goes in three main steps:

  1. Sign in to your Google Account
  2. Select data
  3. Have it emailed to you or back it up to the cloud

The individual steps in detail:

Google changes the layout a tiny bit every year; so it can look a little different each time you log into your Google account. This year, at least, it looked like this:

In the Google Account
View of the Google Account from December 2016

Clicking on "Your content is yours" takes you to the archive settings and you can take your data with you.

Create archive
With "Create archive" you can select the data to be included in the backup.

In the third step, you now select Calendar, Address and Gmail to get the most personal data:

Selection of contents for export
Activate the required checkboxes.

In the last step, you can leave the settings as they are for maximum compatibility:

Set file format, archive size and transfer method
Set file format, archive size and transfer method

After completing the wizard, simply wait. After some time, you will receive the link via email and can put the ZIP file on your NAS, USB hard drive or another data medium.

Done - see you next year.

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