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Sometimes the best SEO strategy does not succeed in placing your own content on the first page of Google with certain search terms. What can you do then? Google AdWords could be the solution here. More about this in the video above.

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PPC / Google AdWords explainer video by zä

With the following text the video was discussed:

PPC or Pay Per Click - First let me explain what it is all about.

You probably already know how search engines work and how SEO can help you get your website a better ranking, right?

But sometimes even the best SEO strategy isn't good enough. The keyword you want to optimize for might be highly competitive, so you just can't make it into the top results. Unless you use PPC.

Basically, it works like this: even if your SEO isn't good enough, your link can still show up on the search results page thanks to PPC - and since you only pay per click, this type of advertising is very effective because if we think about it more carefully, only the people who are interested in what you have to offer will click on your ads.

This way you only pay for the relevant visitors.

Let's compare the offer with traditional advertising. Do you also pay there only for the people who actually read your newspaper ad? For sure you can see the big difference. Now, of course, you can say:

That's really not bad! I can handle this PPC thing and it gets me more customers to boot!

But here comes the difficulty: Are you really sure with which keywords you should optimize your campaign? Do you recognize the best time to start and end the campaign? And do you know how much money you need to invest to see actual results?

This is where I can come to your rescue. My PPC strategies include not only keyword research and proper time and budget planning. I can also help you design a suitable ad text and an appealing landing page and set your general preferences.

Another reason to contact me is that I monitor, analyze and evaluate your active campaigns to get the best possible results for you. Hand on heart: would you really have the time for all this work? Isn't it better to entrust them to someone with years of experience? Contact me and start your first PPC campaign today!

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