Achieve more successwith your own website.

Basics first! What steps are necessary to be seen better, to address the right target group and in the end to be more successful through good online marketing? I reveal this secret in the video!

Regional optimisationfor local companies

What does a local business have to do to set itself apart from competitors in its own radius and generate more sales? The magic word is: "SoLoMo" - Social, Local, Mobile. See in the video what this means and how you can win with SoLoMo!

Google Ads:Advertising in the search engine

If the optimisation of your own website does not lead to success or you want to appear faster in the top 10 of search engines, Google Ads are the instrument of choice: For a freely definable daily budget, your entry appears directly on page 1 when a certain search word is entered. I explain to you in the video why these ads are also called Pay-Per-Click ads.