Content Marketing / Inbound Marketing - how does it work?


There are two types of marketing: outbound and inbound or content marketing. both can work, but only inbound marketing has an advantage: it doesn't annoy and annoy customers! Learn how you can use inbound marketing for yourself in the explainer video!

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Content marketing and inbound marketing - how it helps you

With the following text the video was discussed:

Before I tell you more about this modern marketing approach in a moment, you first need to understand how traditional outbound marketing works. In this "old" concept, the core of the whole process is the marketing message you want to present to your potential customers. And this can be done through several avenues: Phone advertising, television or radio advertising, direct mail or newspaper ads. I'm not saying these methods don't work, of course! They do - however, they also have a lot of disadvantages.

First, you have to spend a significant amount of money to get your advertising message across. Secondly, a large proportion of the people your advertising message is delivered to are not your target audience. This means that only a small portion will respond to them. And last but not least, they will annoy some people this way, because outbound marketing is sometimes seen as aggressive advertising.

With content or inbound marketing, the whole thing looks completely different. The core of this process is (three guesses)... Content! The content.

It's about creating something interesting, helpful, enjoyable. Be it an article, a blog, a video, infographics - it's something that will naturally attract their potential customers while they are on the internet or social media. This method is much cheaper, more effective and not at all aggressive.

And to be perfectly honest, you're looking at an example of content marketing right now too! So how can I help you? I'll find the right type of content for your business, optimize it for search engines so it ranks higher, promote your content through social media, and finally increase your conversion rates so even more of your visitors become customers. So don't wait any longer, contact me today!

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