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Article synchronization Woocommerce -> WISO MyOffice or orgaMAX

Retrieving items from the WooCommerce store to orgaMAX or WISO MyOffice can be misleading in some circumstances. Below is a guide on how to implement it correctly.

1. import articles from WooCommerce to WISO MyOffice or orgaMAX

Before an import, it must be ensured that all articles to be imported have a unique article number (SKU) in WooCommerce. You may need to add this item number. For variants, also check that each variant has a unique SKU and does not have the article number of the main article.

Then follow the screenshot to import your items.

in orgaMAX or WISO MyOffice select the first menu item > Data Import > Articles from Webshop

The SKU or article number from your webshop is then written into the Webshop ID field of the article:

The webshop ID is used to identify and compare the article in the shop.

2. export articles from WISO MeinBüro or orgaMAX to WooCommerce

If you have set up a new online shop and no articles are stored in it yet, First create a test article with an article number (SKU).. This is essential for the further export of articles, because MeinBüro and orgaMAX always trigger a comparison before a synchronization takes place. If no article is found, you will receive an error message.

Then start the webshop update:

First menu item > Webshop update > Provide item data > Update data

In this process, orgaMAX or MyOffice automatically receive an entry in the "Webshop ID" field (see above) if this field has not been filled to date. 

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  1. Steffen Mohl

    this is all great but pictures to the article are not taken !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Albert Brückmann

    Hello Mr. Mohl, as described in the product description under "Known limitations", this is something that must be enabled by orgaMAX. To do this, please contact orgaMAX support so that appropriate field functions can be created for the interface.

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