Be found better on Google as a regional company

Small and medium-sized enterprises (so-called SMEs) benefit from being found better on Google through regional online marketing or Local SEO. And "better" means: on page 1!

Why is it important to be better at Google? In the explanatory video above, I go into more detail and show why good positioning is also very important for self-employed people and businesses that do NOT earn their money on the internet. Because even if you "only" sell pizza: If no one knows you or finds you, no one will order. Therefore, use the possibilities that Local SEO offers you and let me optimise your website. Only recently, a client was able to increase her turnover in her webshop by 1500% in only 8 months (more information on request!).

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Regional online marketing or local SEO by SEO agency Mosbach zä

With the following text the video was discussed:

So you run a small business and you've probably thought about marketing to boost your sales. However, you don't have time to read up on this extensive subject matter? But don't worry! It's my job to provide you with comprehensive support in this regard. I would like to introduce you to SoLoMo! A comprehensive marketing solution for regional businesses.

SoLoMo stands for Social, Local, Mobile. The following example says it all:

This is Paul. He owns a small but nice pizzeria. The first thing I did for Paul was to create a website that is primarily optimized for smartphones. Why? Because most searching and browsing on the internet these days is done on smartphones. A desktop version is still important, of course, but it's crucial to focus on mobile devices first if you don't want to lose potential customers.

I also optimized the site for local searches, also known as Local SEO. Thanks to GPS and other positioning technology, anyone searching for pizza on their smartphone near Paul's restaurant will see Paul's pages in the top search results - along with a map, distance, and exact address.

Finally, I set up accounts on various social media. People can now share their status, pictures or reviews and link Paul's Pizzeria to them. In this way, users create their own natural content and increase awareness of Paul's business - at no extra cost. Social media also provides a great source of feedback and serves as a valuable communication platform.

All these factors are taken into account by search engines and improve search rankings even more as a result.

So there you have it: social, local, mobile. These points are all connected in a basic, affordable but nonetheless very effective strategy. With my help, you can easily make this strategy yours. Contact us today at 06261-8469722 or by email!

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